why you need an attorney during a divorce

why you need an attorney during a divorce

Essential Documentation for Your Divorce Attorney

by Diana Butler

Divorce is never an easy process, and it can become even more complicated when there are children, assets, and other factors involved. To ensure a smooth and fair divorce settlement, having all the necessary documentation for your attorney is crucial. Your divorce attorney will serve as your legal advocate throughout the entire process, and having the right documentation ready can help them better understand your situation and build a strong case. 

Financial Documents

One of the most critical aspects of any divorce settlement is dividing assets and determining financial support. Therefore, providing your attorney with detailed financial documents that accurately depict your financial situation is vital. This includes bank statements, investment accounts, tax returns, pay stubs, retirement account statements, and other relevant documents. Having these documents organized and readily available can save time and money during the divorce proceedings. It also allows your attorney to clearly understand both parties' financial standing and make informed decisions on asset division and spousal support.

Property Documents

If you own property or have joint ownership with your spouse, providing property-related documents to your divorce attorney is crucial. These include deeds or titles for real estate properties such as houses or land, vehicle titles for cars or recreational vehicles, and other significant assets like boats or vacation homes. Having these documents ready will help determine who gets what property and avoid delays in selling or transferring ownership after the divorce is finalized.

Child-Related Documents

When children are involved in a divorce proceeding, their welfare becomes a top priority. Your attorney will need information regarding child custody arrangements if applicable. This includes any previous custody agreements or court orders involving your children. Additionally, providing details about your children's health insurance coverage and medical records can be helpful. Your attorney may also require information about their education and any associated costs.

Legal Documents

Your divorce attorney will need to review any existing legal documents that may impact the divorce proceedings. This includes prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, and any other relevant documentation that could affect the division of assets or spousal support. It is essential to provide your attorney with all legal documents, even if you think they are irrelevant. They can assess the situation and determine the necessary documents for the case.

Communication Records

In today's digital age, communication records have become essential to divorce proceedings. Your attorney may need copies of emails, texts, and voicemails between you and your spouse to build a case.


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why you need an attorney during a divorce

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