why you need an attorney during a divorce

why you need an attorney during a divorce

Negotiating Your Divorce Agreement With A Spouse Who Wants To Fight

by Diana Butler

Divorces can be a challenge. When one partner is determined to make the process last as long as possible, negotiating your divorce settlement is going to be tough. If you haven't hired a divorce attorney yet and you are trying to work out an agreement, your angry spouse will do anything they can to make your life harder. By hiring a divorce attorney, you take away the direct contact your spouse has, and you have someone to deal with your ex for you. It's hard enough to go through a divorce when both parties are amicable and try to work out the separation. If one party is aggressive and going to fight over everything, a divorce attorney becomes a necessity.

Divorce Attorneys Know What You are Entitled To

Your ex may want to fight to get everything in your divorce settlement, but your attorney is going to know what you are entitled to in the divorce. Without representation, you may have doubts regarding what you can expect from your marital assets. Once you have an attorney behind you, it becomes clearer what is worth fighting for and what you should let go.

Take Yourself Out of It

By hiring a divorce lawyer, you take yourself out of the direct line of fire when it comes to your ex. While they might want to fight and argue with you, it's not as fun when they are trying to yell at your attorney instead. Once your ex realizes that you are no longer there to fight with, they may start to calm down and be able to negotiate.

Your Attorney Handles all Negotiations

Once you decide what you want from your marital assets, your attorney goes to work and tries to negotiate this for you. It's not your job to try and convince your ex to give you what you want. Your attorney will have to take calls from your ex, argue with your ex or their attorney, and overall deal with their difficult behavior. Once your ex agrees on something, your attorney will run it by you to see if you also agree.

Negotiating with a difficult person you are trying to divorce is insane without the help of an attorney. Once you have representation, you are no longer the one your ex can contact to settle your divorce. By hiring a divorce lawyer, your ex will no longer be able to insult and bully you into making an agreement. Contact a law office like Bray & Johnson Law Firm today to learn more. 


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why you need an attorney during a divorce

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