why you need an attorney during a divorce

why you need an attorney during a divorce

Things You Will Want To Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer

by Diana Butler

If you have decided that you are going to get a divorce, it is time to talk with a divorce lawyer. You do not want to go through this lengthy legal process on your own, as it can be very difficult and confusing. You would also run the risk of being taken advantage of and you certainly do not want for that to happen. Once you find a suitable attorney, you will want to retain their services and begin to discuss the things that are most important to you regarding the divorce. Here are some key things that you will want to talk about.

The Division Of Marital Property

Marital property is property that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse bought and shared together. This could include the home you lived in, the vacation house you bought together, and other things such as the RV and various vehicles. You can talk with your lawyer about whether you would like to see the properties divided up between you or if your desire is to have everything sold and the profits divided. If you have property that you obtained as an inheritance, it is important to bring that up with your lawyer, as that may not be deemed as marital property depending on the laws in your state. You might be the only one entitled to that property.

What You Expect Concerning Alimony And Child Support

Whether you will be on the paying or receiving end, it is vital that you begin a discussion about alimony and child support if those payments are applicable in your situation. You will want to make sure that your end of the obligation is treated fairly and that you have a clear understanding regarding how long such payments will last for. As for alimony, the longer you were married, the longer the payments will continue. As for child support, it will depend on your state laws. It might be court ordered until the child reaches the age of 18 or until they graduate from college, if they decide to continue their education while still living at home.

Always make sure that you are writing down your questions, concerns, and points that you want to discuss. After all, lawyers charge by the hour so you do not want to waste any time. You want to make sure that you are remembering all of the points that you wanted to bring to their attention. When you are able to get all of your questions answered and your concerns addressed, you will be able to return home feeling a little more confident about the entire situation. For more information, contact a local divorce lawyer.


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why you need an attorney during a divorce

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